Welcome to the World of Silly Goose Bibs!

Warrenville, IL –

We’re thrilled to announce Animals Around the World silicone bibs, the first collection created by Silly Goose. Inspired by real-life experience, the bibs were conceived by our CEO Jeff Breeden as he reflected on raising his now teenage sons. “My wife and I wish Silly Goose bibs had existed when we were feeding our energetic boys. We struggled to find something that went beyond keeping a small area of their clothes clean, and we know that problem still exists,” he said.

To tackle the matter, Jeff researched bibs currently available and looked at what he could do to improve the design and update the materials. Working with Brooklyn, NY based industrial design firm Spitfire Industry, he landed on high-quality, food-grade silicone molded into bibs with large, deep front pockets and a soft overall feel that’s gentle on delicate skin. “We wanted our bibs to make mealtimes more fun and save parents time with clean up,” Jeff added.

Another key part of the process was deciding which animals to include in the initial group of six. “That was the easy part,” Jeff said, “because I just went back to my sons’ favorites. The penguin was definitely the number one choice, followed by a fox, panda, whale, bear, and hippo.” The resulting designs are sweet, adorable, and attention-grabbing, giving families the opportunity to have a little more fun at the dinner table.

And we tested Silly Goose bibs with real kids and parents, so we know they work. Our testers told us they liked our bibs better than others they’ve used because Silly Goose bibs really are better at reducing the mess and easier to clean. We want parents to feel confident and children to enjoy!

In our next blog, we’ll tell you why we chose silicone over other materials and why we went to great lengths to ensure the highest quality possible.

To purchase the entire Animals Around the World collection, visit our Amazon page where you can order Perri Penguin, Frankie Fox, Parker Panda, Whitney Whale, Blair Bear, and Hayden Hippo.
For wholesale purchases, please contact us at 630-821-6300.

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