Our Bibs are Safe, Easy-To-Clean, and Practical

When we designed Silly Goose silicone bibs, we thought about the details, so all parents have to do is enjoy the practicality and ease that comes with each one. Safety is our number one issue, and our bibs are made with the highest-quality material, ensuring they meet the strictest global food-grade safety standards. During mealtime, parents and caregivers should be free to focus on the fun bonding experience, not whether their bibs are safe.

Standards set in the US by the FDA and in Germany through the German Food and Commodities Act (products are labeled LFGB food grade) are the strictest for food-grade products, so at Silly Goose we decided to manufacture bibs that pass both tests. In fact, the LFGB standards are more rigorous and indicate an even higher quality than that of products meeting only FDA requirements.

We set out to produce the highest-quality baby bibs and took the time to do it right. In addition to meeting safety standards, the material had to be waterproof, non-stick, sanitary, and comfortable. Silicone quickly proved to be the perfect choice. Its natural properties mean bibs are soft and pliable, yet the deep front pocket is sturdy enough to catch whatever your little one drops.

Most food can be easily wiped off the surface of Silly Goose bibs. If a bigger mess requires more effort, just pop the bib into the dishwasher (top rack, please) for cleaning and sanitizing. Since silicone is heat-resistant, withstanding temperatures from below freezing to 400° F, there are no worries about the drying cycle.

Our silicone is also stain- and bacteria-resistant and won’t retain odors or colors after use. To make sure of that, we tested our bibs with several common baby foods that can leave hard-to-remove stains like beets, carrots, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. In every test, we found that one cycle in the dishwasher (top rack, still, please) removed most stubborn stains, and none lasted through two cycles.

There are many baby bibs you could choose, but we’re confident ours are better, safer, and more comfortable than the competition. And the reasonable cost makes them an even better investment. Parents can be sure that every adorable Silly Goose bib is made with their children in mind.

Now that you know the benefits of Silly Goose bibs, visit our Amazon page to order our adorable Animals Around the World – Perri Penguin, Frankie Fox, Parker Panda, Whitney Whale, Blair Bear, and Hayden Hippo.

For wholesale purchases, please contact us at 630-821-6300!


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