Why Choose Silicone to Make Baby Bibs?

Let’s start with what silicones are. Technically speaking, they are polymers created from heating and treating the element silicon. The resulting products can be liquid, malleable (like natural rubber), or hard, with all of them being highly temperature resistant, mostly non-reactive, and incredibly durable.

Manufacturers choose silicones because they can be adapted to a seemingly endless list of products and applications. They are flexible, easily shaped, and water-resistant. Silicones can be found in cosmetics, electronics, medical applications, automotive parts, building materials, and fabrics, just to name a few categories.

And while that’s all interesting, why talk about silicone and baby bibs? Turns out there are some very important reasons.

Silicone bibs are naturally soft, flexible and waterproof. Because the silicone we use is malleable, our bibs are manufactured with a molded, deep front pocket that catches foods and liquids. Even after hundreds of uses, they remain soft and flexible so they’re comfortable around your baby’s neck, and they flex when babies lean forward in their highchairs or into a table edge, collapsing comfortably instead of pressing into babies’ tender tummies.

Silicone is water- and stain-resistant and non-stick. Meal time with independent-minded babies who are ready to feed themselves can be an exhausting, messy experience for any parent. With Silly Goose silicone bibs, less food ends up in the wrong places and babies stay cleaner (well, at least a little). If one of our bibs is forgotten after clean-up, not to worry. Our silicone cleans up easily, even after food has dried. And if a quick wash in the sink doesn’t remove everything, toss the bib on to the top rack of your dishwasher to remove food reside and stains while sanitizing the bib.

Silicone has low reactivity to chemicals and is temperature resistant. Speaking of dishwashers, because silicone has a low reactivity to chemicals, our bibs can be run through a dishwasher after every use with no materials degradation. The temperature-resistance of silicone means the drying cycle won’t harm the bibs. And the bright colors of Silly Goose bibs are part of the silicone itself, so colors won’t rub off or fade from dishwashing or exposure to sunlight.

It’s important to note that not all silicone is alike. Our Silly Goose bibs are made from premium soft silicone that is 100% BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, meeting the strictest FDA (US) and LFGB (German) safety standards. Parents can feel comfortable placing a Silly Goose bib around their babies’ necks.

Read more in our next blog about the many benefits of using Silly Goose bibs.

Until then, visit our Amazon page to order Silly Goose bibs. Choose one (or all) of our six adorable Animals Around the World characters – Perri Penguin, Frankie Fox, Parker Panda, Whitney Whale, Blair Bear, and Hayden Hippo.

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